About the spa

The i Saguá Spa offers a wide range of relaxing, traditional and results-oriented treatments for the face and the body, all performed by professional therapists. The treatment menu is designed with four concepts that are tailored to each guest’s specific needs. Our four concepts are, Bula (Nourish), Tasi (Restore), Må'te (Cleanse) and Hafnot (Energise).

At i Saguá, allow the rhythm of the tides to guide your wellness experience and lead you to your desired results:

High Tide - Bula
Flood the body with natural serenity and fortify every cell with essential nutrients.

Ebb Tide - Tasi
Allow stress and tension to fall away for optimal well-being and increased vitality.

Low Tide -
Reset and transform the body and spirit with naturally purifying treatments.

Incoming Tide -
Strengthen body and mind with new energy for instant, lasting invigoration.

Choose your desired treatment and be swept away on the current of natural wellness at i Saguá Spa.

i Saguá Spa Suite
The i Saguá Spa residential suite measures 720 sq ft (64.8 sq m) and is designed for exclusive stays and/or a private spa indulgence. It features an exclusive trellised balcony on the pond and an in-room aquarium.

For reservations and more information, call i Saguá Spa directly at +1 670 323 5888 or email isagua@hyattsaipan.com.